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Introducing the Kong Cat Flingaroo Frog, the perfect interactive toy to ignite your cat's natural curiosity and provide hours of engaging play. This adorable bouncing frog toy is designed to captivate your feline friend's attention and encourage active playtime.

Key Benefits:

1- Interactive Play: The Kong Cat Flingaroo Frog offers endless fun and entertainment for your curious cat. Watch as they pounce, swat, and bat at the bouncing frog, mimicking their natural hunting instincts. The unpredictable movements of the toy keep your cat engaged and provide a stimulating play experience.

2- Exercise and Energy Release: Regular exercise is essential for a happy and healthy cat. The Flingaroo Frog promotes physical activity by encouraging your cat to chase and jump after the bouncing toy. This interactive play helps your cat burn off excess energy, maintain a healthy weight, and keep their muscles toned.

3- Durable and Safe: At Kong Cat, we prioritize the safety and durability of our products. The Flingaroo Frog is made from high-quality materials that can withstand your cat's playful antics. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, making it a reliable toy that can

handle even the most enthusiastic play sessions.

4-Versatile Play Options: The Flingaroo Frog's unique design allows for versatile play options. Your cat can swat and bat at the bouncing toy, stimulating their natural hunting instincts.

Additionally, you can toss the frog for your cat to chase and engage in interactive play together.

Kong Cat Flingaroo Frog

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