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S.T.E.A.M Edition 

with Ms. Kyshia 

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Thank you in advance for your interest in my programs. I have a passion for uplifting and inspiring our future generation, through the arts and sciences. I have 20 years of experience in S.T.E.A.M. education (with a NASA program). I am also a DOE and library vendor. 

Please note the age range for each workshop. The sessions are designed with this in mind.

Please take special note of the required materials. Each session is accompanied with a hands-on activity.  


There are no refunds. Missed classes for any reason will receive a make-up date.  

Please review each class and complete the form below (all areas must be filled in). 


Please complete separate forms, if your scholar is taking more than one class. 

After payment is received, you will receive an email with the Zoom information for the sessions. Your child must sign in under their name. If they do not have a Zoom account they can be renamed once they are in the class. Only registered participants will be allowed in the class.

Cost is per child/per session. $15.00 

Maximum 6 participants per class. 

Please email all questions to I can also be reached at 917-854-9314. 


Ms. Kyshia Hamilton 



It Is Rocket Science! Participants will learn rocketry basics and make age- appropriate rockets. This class is 2 sessions. 

Ages: 7-10

Dates & Time: TBA

Materials: notebook, pencil, white computer paper (5 sheets), scissors, 4 drinking straws with (bendable end if possible), markers, crayons, scotch tape, ruler


Design on a Dime Participants learn about the engineering process and use household items to create air powered cars.

Ages:   7-10

Dates & Times: TBA

Materials Needed: notebook, pencil, white computer paper (10 sheets), scotch tape, drinking straws (10), life savers (8 hard candies), ruler, scissors, crayons, markers


Drama for Literacy: Research shows drama enhances literacy development. In this workshop participants engage in various drama activities and techniques that foster crucial components of literacy development.

Ages: 7-10 

Dates & Times: TBA

Materials Needed: notebook, pencils 

download (1).png

Let’s Go To Disney: Participants will learn about the forces of flight and the engineering design process.

Ages:  7-10 

Dates & Times: TBA 

Materials Needed: notebook, pencils, white computer paper (8  pieces), scotch tape, ruler, scissors, crayons, markers



I was always looking forward to Ms. Kyshia's class because we always have fun with her when we're learning new things ~Student 

Key to the program’s success is Ms. Kyshia and her team of STEM teachers~ Mr. Greg Mays ~ Founder and Executive Director of A Better Jamaica. 

Join Online Classes 

Attend from your own home!

Thanks for registering. Looking forward to meeting your Scholar. 

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