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Dear Parent/Guardian/Educator


Thank you for visiting our “Amber-Marie Dress Me Up Kitty” activity page. 


I adored paper dolls as a child and realize the value they had and have in a child's growth and development. 

Amber-Marie Dress Me Up Kitty was inspired by my cat Amber who meowdels 

for small businesses on Instagram. (@amber_antics). 

The use of paper dolls:

~fosters creativity (storytelling)

~helps with fine motor skills (cutting)

~provides comfort 

~makes a great reading buddy 

~and so much more! 




~Send us your email in the form below

~Print out paper doll kitty on card stock or plain paper 81/2 by 11in

(card stock gets better results).

~Cut out paper doll kitty and clothing


Attaching Clothing

The paper doll can lay flat or stand up by using the attached stand.

You have the option of: using the tabs or laminating the doll and clothing and using sticky tack, velcro dots, magnets or double-sided tape to attach the clothing.

Please share pics, videos of your child interacting with Amber-Marie & Cuddles and tag us @arriemae_inspires and use the #ambermariedressmeupkitty 



Once again, Thank You for visiting!

More clothing will be added. Stay Tuned! 

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Become Inspired & Be An Inspiration!

Hope to see you again!




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Amber-Marie & Cuddles Gallery


Amber-Marie (@amber_antics)

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