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Get ready to be uplifted and encouraged by stories of miracles, hope and answered prayers, as the co-authors of this book share their tragedies, triumphs and joy. The stories are the epitome of the biblical verse that all things are possible for those who trust and believe in the power of God and press towards their goals without ceasing.

Each of author poured their heart and souls into their stories to show us that having resilience against adversity pays off and that one should never breakdown before they breakthrough. Although the co-authors in this book are from all walks of life, vary in age and are located all across the United States, they do have one thing in common and that is their success in life at some point may have been delayed, but certainly was not denied.

My chapter is entitled

Courage To Soar: Releasing My Butterfly Within!


In this chapter I share moments of God's faithfulness during a three month bout of blindness I experienced and the blessing of meeting my Dad for the first  time at the age of 45.

It is my prayer that you are inspired to be an inspiration!  

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