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Research has proven that the arts and sciences have intrinsic values

in the growth and development of children and teens

(i.e. fosters positive self concept)



  • Artistic, Engaging and Educational sessions designed to: 

introduce young people ages 5-18 to practical skills, techniques, or ideas

which they can then use in their everyday lives.

•Small groups of 5-25 participants

•Sessions are 90 minutes (including a ten minute break)


Program Offerings:


  • Self-Esteem/Empowerment Workshops


  • Literacy Workshops

Interactive Storytelling: Participants learn theater basics as staging

and the art of Pantomime. Participants will use the skills they

learned to bring a story to life.  

Drama for Literacy Series: In this workshop,

participants engage in various drama activities and techniques that foster crucial components of literacy development.  

  •   S.T.E.A.M Workshops  

It Is Rocket Science: Participants learn rocketry basics and make age and setting appropriate rockets.

Let's Go To Disney: Participants learn about the four forces of flight and create/test various paper airplanes. 

Marble Run Fun: Participants learn the basics of physics and create their own marble runs.

Design On a Dime: Participants learn about the engineering process and use household items to create cars powered by air.

Engineering Challenge Series: Participants learn about the engineering process and participate in various hands-on engineering challenges.

  • Tall Towers


***Programs can be created and designed to meet the needs of organizations***

**Arrie-Mae Inspirations is an approved

New York City Department of Education Vendor

and a Queens Public Library Vendor**



“I was so impressed with the presentation…The interactive format was exactly what

I was looking for.Those are the things that make the students crave for more!"

~Sakinah  Black- Youth Advisor NCNW Youth Section


“It was amazing to see how excited and engaged the children were in all the activities.

The workshop left them with a better sense of self".

~Rosslynn Pieters- Youth Coordinator, Girls Empowered



What is the“The World of STEM and STEAM Education” experience?


This informative and interactive workshop is designed to render Family Engagement and Enrichment Services for Parent and School Community Groups in the area of

STEM and STEAM Education.


This workshop is accompanied with a hands on activity

(time permitting).

"I recently had the pleasure of being at a PTA meeting in December which chose to inform us of STEM and STEAM programs in my community. I was very impressed with Ms Kyshia Lawrie's presentation. It was very informative and enlightening at best. I am very happy I was in this meeting. Her presentation about the programs that are available along with her vibrant personality really made a lasting impression on my two daughters who are currently seniors of 2016. The presentation inspired them to seek after other alternatives motivating them to look into these specific programs for College. So I write to celebrate her today great job Ms Kysha Lawrie”.

Adrienne Harlequin Parent of two Humanities and the Arts Class of 2016



Research has shown that reading levels of students can

have a direct affect on their level of self-esteem.



What is the "MOTIVATING STUDENTS through LITERACY" expereince?

This informative and interactive workshop offers literacy solutions to educators and parents that meet all styles of learning in the classroom setting and home environment.




“The power of literacy lies not only in the ability to read, write, speak, listen and use  language effectively but rather in an individual’s capacity to put those skills to work in shaping the course of their life.”

~Educator Paulo Freire

Topics include and are not limited to:

Knowledge is Power

Building Literacy Though  Drama

The Importance of Reading Aloud

Discovering & Supporting Your Child's Style of Learning


"What comes to mind is how Ms. Kyshia Hamilton (Lawrie) took immediate command of the room. It was evident to me

that she was not only well informed but was able to transfer the value she placed on the information she was

sharing to us as invested parents and guardians.

I felt I had an avenue of resources

at my fingertips by the end of her presentation."

~ Ms. E. Teruel Grandparent of student at

P.S. 140 Queens, N.Y.





Celebrating the Gift of My Children’s Children fosters the unique bond

 between grandparents and their grandchildren. 


  What is "THE GIFT OF MY CHILDREN'S CHILDREN" experience?

Participants will enjoy an interactive story time experience and share in a hands on craft activity.  


For Bookings and Events Please contact

Ms. Sonia Collins~ Promotional Assistant


718-909-8579 or



Book Signing @ First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens.

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