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Meet the Founder

Photo Credit: Clifford Mason of Mase FX Baldwin, N.Y.

An avid literary enthusiast and lifelong artist, Kyshia Marie Hamilton (aka Author Jamee-Marie Edwards) channeled her love for creativity and expression into a children’s book that reflects her personal life experiences growing up in New York. Her zeal for children’s literature stems from years spent in school health in an early childhood setting, observing children’s behaviors, learning styles, and subtle nuances of development which influenced her to explore ways to connect and communicate with young audiences on different levels.


“I write from a place of deep passion and commitment to producing the highest possible quality of children’s literature.”


Her passion for writing manifests through her whimsy, yet authentic story lines with inspiring messages of life lessons which are illustrated through vibrant, sparkling images. Her words illuminate on a page and capture the imaginations of children of all ages. Her stories convey meaningful, applicable content to foster continued learning and growth.


Kyshia Marie is best-known for her work as an actress where she has graced the stage in plays like “The Hedge” among others. When she’s not in front of the camera she’s producing and directing behind the scenes, helping others develop their abilities and training them to showcase their unique talents. Always thinking outside the box, Kyshia Marie expanded her talents to other platforms working for radio stations WBAU and 98.7 Kiss F.M. in N.Y. She also serves as the Director of the Theatre Arts Ministry for the oldest Presbyterian church in the U.S.—First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, N.Y.


Kyshia Marie holds a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Promotion from Benedictine University and a B.A. in Communications from Adelphi University. She aspires to utilize the Creative Arts to educate children on healthy styles of living.


Kyshia Marie is available for interviews, workshops, book signings and readings.


For more information please contact Ms. Sonia L. Collins (Promotional Assistant) @ 718-431-4667 or submit requests to


The pen name Jamee-Marie Edwards is used in honor and memory of Kyshia Marie's grandfather James Edward Lawrie Sr. 

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